Who Thinks?

Roth 2014

I’m Tanya Roth, the one who writes and does the thinking behind the writing at this blog. I currently teach high school and I’m working on a book-length revision of my dissertation on women in the Cold War military.

My students know me as Dr. Roth; I teach at an independent K-12 school where I’ve had the pleasure of working with high school students since 2011. (All views represented on this site are solely mine and not those of my employer.)

During the days, I teach classes like 20th Century World History, US History, and AP US History. I coach Mock Trial. I read a lot (when I’m not grading or spending time with my family). And I spend a lot of time thinking about history.

Once upon a time, you would have visited this site and found loads of details about my graduate school career. I removed all that after starting my current job and this site went into a strange hiatus/transformation for awhile. Moving forward, the site will focus on blog posts about history and teaching history.

Several years ago, I wrote a dissertation on the integration of women into the US military, titled “Battling for Equality.” Loved the project, adored the research, and now I’m working on turning it into a book. This site will also chronicle some of that process as well.

If you’re here because you’re interested in my grad school experience, you’ll find several years of blog entries about my time in grad school, the work it took to finish a dissertation and PhD, and my reflections on the whole shebang. Since I started teaching full time, my writings have become more sparse. You can also find my posts every three weeks at Smart Women Write, a collaborative blog.