Summer: Missing Time

I’m not sure where the days have gone. Last week, it was my birthday and I was celebrating and having a grand time, then it was the weekend and now it’s Thursday and I’m nearly done teaching summer school.

I spent time yesterday trying to figure out just where my afternoons have gone in the last week and a half, and I’ve got nothin’. I know that yesterday became cleaning day, and the day before that I had a golf lesson and a dentist appointment. I think I spent a good deal of Monday afternoon grading papers.

The two full weeks of this course have flown by (the class itself began on Friday, 6/15, and ends Tuesday, 7/3). I didn’t expect that, but I’m glad of it. I’ve so enjoyed getting to know these students and hope I’ll have some of them again in the future – the sophomores look like they’ll be having a class with me at some point this year, but I don’t teach freshmen in general right now (outside of Ethics). We’ve talked about a lot of serious subjects, some fascinating subjects, and had a lot of fun. I hope they’ll look back on this as a not-too-bad way to spend part of their summer.

But I’m still not sure where my time has gone. That’s okay, I think. I originally thought I’d spend a good deal of time last week and this week prepping AP US History for the fall, but I’ve mellowed on it and come to the conclusion that keeping it in the back of my mind for now is okay. After all, I’m off to an AP institute in a week and a half anyway, so I’ll have time to be more active and focus on the topic then.

So far, I’ve been obsessed with the reading.

That was the original pile (minus the 15 – no, now 17 – Nook books I have to read). I also added in a few things after creating that stack. I don’t have an updated photo for you, but I can tell you that I’ve now read probably half of those. And I wasn’t quite sure why I was so obsessed with the reading, but I think I figured out why:

Last fall, I fell in love with reading again and made good use of the school library as my own personal reading playground. I’d walk in, find something, take it, and read it. I had a perpetual pile of books by my bedside, which meant I never quite got around to the huge piles of books I owned and PLANNED to read but hadn’t gotten to yet.

Summer became my solution: I resolved to finally read all those books I had lying around and to cut myself off from the library for the time being (we’ll ignore the fact that there are at least 6 books in the pile that ARE from the library). And now, I guess I’m on a mission.

I guess if I’m missing time, I should go look for it between the pages of some of those recently-finished titles.


2 thoughts on “Summer: Missing Time

  1. Hmmmm. You’ve reminded me of my various misconceived ‘reading plans’ over the years to stop buying books and get through the backlog. I remember realising a few years ago that there are several books that have been on my shelves for 20 years or so that will still be unread at my death. One of these will be Oscar Lewis’s The Children of Sanchez which I took an irrational dislike to. Or will writing this down now make me read it….?

    • I’ve gotten better about not BUYING books, but with a library easily accessible at work each day, stopping myself from accessing books is still a struggle. I hope you’re able to get to that book!

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