Summer, Day 10: Obsession

Every year, mom asks what I want for my birthday (coming later this week), and every year, I tend to say “I don’t know…money? bookstore gift card?”. This year, though, I knew just what I needed: Doctor Who schwag!

So when she texted me to ask, I told her I wanted a TARDIS cookie jar for my home office and a sonic screwdriver. I promised to send her links, since I knew she’d have no idea where to find these things. In the process, I found something else I couldn’t live without:

Not only something for a major Doctor Who fan, but so totally appropriate for a fan who IS a doctor and who keeps a copy of “Keep Calm and Carry On” hanging in the classroom.

The package arrived yesterday, and I figured out pretty quickly that Mom had gone to the right place, both because the box came from ThinkGeek and because the moment I picked up the box I heard the swoosh, swoosh sound of the TARDIS cookie jar.

The mug, of course, is already here on my desk at school.

The Spouse, by the way, swears that I’ll love my birthday gift from him. Obviously, he’s fanagled an evening with Matt Smith, right?


4 thoughts on “Summer, Day 10: Obsession

  1. A Dr Who mug? Gee, that is incentive to get a PhD!
    On a more serious note, I’ve been enjoying your post-PhD blogposts for months now. Keep them coming!

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