Summer, Day 7 (late): Sunshower on Main Street

Yesterday got away from me and I didn’t manage to post the photo I took mid-afternoon, so I’ll do it late and bring in today’s photo later.

Saturday afternoon, I jaunted down to Old Main Street for a glass fusing class at The Glass Workbench, a shop The Spouse frequents. The Spouse was called away for family obligations, so I took his place and learned how to make a necklace (which shall be revealed later; it’s in the shop being fired in the kiln over the next few days). After I finished, I ran down to a couple more places I like, including the olive oil shop and the British shop. I was surprised by sunshowers on the way, though, and tried to capture them in this photo. I suppose it just looks sunny and wet, but it really was raining at the same time.

“Old Main Street” – or really, just Main Street – is where you’ll find the original state capital of Missouri. Although it’s a suburb on the western side of St. Louis – highly populated these days – to most St. Louisians it still seems about as remote as it was when Louis and Clark passed through a couple hundred years ago. Even with the cobblestone streets and old buildings, though, it really has come a long way in the last two centuries.


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