Summer, Day 6: Portents of Return

Signs The Spouse has returned from vacation…

The Spouse arrived home at about 4:15 this morning, as evidenced by the drying-out waders and the fishing gear vest thingy hanging near by. Last Saturday, he headed out of town at the last minute with his dad for a week in Colorado. My father-in-law had some job training to do and let The Spouse tag along to go fishing while he was busy. I enjoyed the glorious silence of the house (hence why I got so much reading done) and he had the much-needed time away from work: if he’d been in town, he would’ve been fielding calls and emails and possibly going in to the office.

In other news, summer school started today. Looks like it’ll be a good group for the next two and a half weeks, but those are stories for next week.


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