Summer, Day 4: Funk Wall

Today was my last weekday sleep-in day before summer school starts, which meant staying in bed until 8 a.m. and lounging in my pajamas all morning as I finished Naomi Benaron’s Running the Rift (the first book I ever got in my Powell’s Indiespensable book club membership). The book had me in tears, and then I found myself in a funk.

Strange, because I’m looking forward to Vino Van Gogh with a friend tonight. Predictable, I suppose, because I just devoured 7.5 books in the last few days.

I made a list, starting with “get dressed”, and took Puppy for a walk since the weather is cool enough for a mid-day jaunt. Coming back, we discovered that the pool had just opened for the day….and no kids had yet splashed into the water.

It was then that I made the momentous decision to go swimming.

Yes, momentous. Momentous because we’ve lived in this neighborhood nine years this September and have never yet gone to the pool. The easiest reasons were always “we don’t have kids, and the pool is always full of kids” or “we’re too busy – traveling for research to do the dissertation! working late!”. This year, I vowed to change that.

And maybe I did only make it through 20 minutes of swimming laps (barely), but it felt good. Including the after-swim poolside reading, where I managed to sink 50 pages into another book from my summer list.


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