Summer, Day 3: Hidden Little Secrets

Today I was a reading fiend, but I suspect that in the next day or so I’ll slow down a bit. It’s just that I have ALL these great looking books to read this summer, and they’ve mostly been sitting around on my to-read shelf for what seems like a billion years. So today I powered through three of them, particularly loving Lea VanderVelde’s Mrs. Dred Scott. I’ve come to really appreciate histories about my adopted metropolis, and this one really gave me new insights into slavery as it was practiced outside of the south, not to mention details of Dred Scott v. Sanford that I didn’t know. (In particular, the fact that Harriet really had the more fascinating and, I think, clear-cut case – in some ways – but that since her suit was ultimately subsumed under her husband’s….well. You should check out the book.)

I’ve also decided to send my trusty bookmark into quasi-retirement. And this is where my hidden little secret comes in. Below, a photo of my newly-quasi-retired bookmark (left) and my brand new bookmark:

If you’re wondering, yes, that IS a High School Musical bookmark featuring Zac Efron. Until today, I never noticed that he originated the haircut we now tend to associate with Justin Bieber (who, thankfully, now sports a shorter ‘do).

Dude, I don’t apologize for my Zac Efron-loving ways. But I do know when it’s time to get a bookmark with a much better tassel, hence the one on the right. Which is not quite as cool as the mug I found today that takes that motif, pops it into TARDIS blue and rewrites it as “Keep Calm and Remember I’m the Doctor.”

(Dear Mom: please remember that I told you I desperately need that mug as a birthday gift!)

In other – related – news, I finally read/finished Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, so I officially grant myself permission to see the movie when it comes out.


2 thoughts on “Summer, Day 3: Hidden Little Secrets

  1. My daughter has a t-shirt with another cool Doctor Who-themed slogan “Keep Calm and Don’t Blink”. I think she has a poster with the same bit as the mug you’re coveting.

    Enjoy your reading and your summer!

  2. I do love the Keep Calm and Don’t Blink one, too! I have the classic “Keep Calm and Carry On” in my classroom, so I think the mug would be a nice addition. I think one of my favorite things is finding Dr. Who fans among my students, so I like to have my little Dr. Who “easter eggs” around.

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