Summer, Day 2: Archnemesis

I’m happy to report that today has been equally full of shirking responsibility of any kind. I think I’m getting better at this stuff. So far, I’ve:

  • Slept in past my self-imposed 5:30 a.m. summer wakeup time (seriously, I will need to get up at that time while I teach summer school, but today I decided it was okay to sleep until 7)
  • Read a bit of Doctor Who and Philosophy on the front porch…until Puppy bit me because I tried to brush him on the side where he apparently got bruised in yesterday’s evening dog fight (that’s another story).
  • Finished the above book and started Laurel Thatcher Ulrich’s The Age of Homespun, determining in the process that I would let Zumba wait until tomorrow in favor of more quiet reading periods.
  • Made it to my first golf lesson (thank you, Groupon) – where, in addition to learning some mad putting skills, I found out that my instructor is also one of my neighbors.
  • Dropped off dry cleaning, exchanged propane tanks for the grill, and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon from the couch alongside the rest of Laurel Thatcher Ulrich’s book.
  • Avoided a nap.
  • Avoided real work of any kind. To wit, I present my archnemesis:

Hello, my home office. I’ve strategically hidden the behemoth desk from view – it’s presently covered with about a dozen books I’ve read this year, plus sundry items that I shouldn’t mention unless I want to be teased mercilessly for my shameless consumerism mentality (more evidence for that is in this picture, if you know what you seek).

I really will conquer this mess this summer. And while it may not look too bad, the truth is that I have far too many books and have pledged that while some may go to school with me to see another day, many are bound for new homes.

Clearly, today is not the day for that. I hear Mr. Sherlock calling my name.


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