Five Things I’ve Learned As a Freshman

Actually, I’ve learned many things this year. These are just a few of the highlights currently on my mind.

1. High school students miss class probably more than my college students did. Then again, my college students only had to make it 2-3 times a week, not 4-5.

2. If you worry because your college students never make it to office hours or do more than just email a concern about their grade, don’t worry: my students do the same. (For many, there will be a tutor to help, rather than going to the teacher for support.)

3. HORMONES! EVERYWHERE! (Not like I didn’t expect that, and frankly, if you love to read, it can often be like watching a book play out. I think it’s half the fun of teaching students of this age, the occasional unpredictability of it all.)

4. No one breaks into song like in the movie musicals. This is rather disappointing, but also not unexpected.

5. High school is way more fun. At least if you’re me. I mean, the school buys you robes to wear in observance of Harry Potter Day!*

*Okay, actually they just buy us robes because faculty have to attend commencement, and we have to wear regalia for commencement. We really do have Harry Potter Day, though, and we’re encouraged to dress up. And my regalia came in just in time for tomorrow’s event.


3 thoughts on “Five Things I’ve Learned As a Freshman

  1. You clearly never made it to my AP Bio class this year. We eventually had to implement a singing ban.

    I admit it’s the first time in a decade I’ve needed to do that though.

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