Removing the invisibility cloak

The thing is, get too involved in your teaching career and before you know it your life as a blogger seems nonexistent. That’s my own fault, frankly: so many days since January I’ve had something to say, but either found time short or discovered a free moment and decided to use it another way for myself.

Now, we’re several weeks into the thralls of the third trimester of the school year. This means that I’m nearly done with my first year of high school and being the new teacher on the block (or one of about 10 of them?). I’ve made it through Parents’ Night, Parent-Teacher Conferences, meetings about grades, nearly all of AP US History, the entire 20th century’s history, American literature, winter break, second trimester final exams, (most of) registration, Advisory Conferences, and – just around the corner! – spring break. I’m teaching 2 new courses this trimester (the senior capstone in English and two sections of Atlantic World History) and I’m in love with how things are going.

But there’s much more I could write about than just summarizing and gushing, and I do plan to do that. Soon.

It’s just that I’m a little obsessed with being a Reader again (for fun!), and Swamplandia is calling my name…


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