Houston, we have a (defendable) dissertation

In about 15 minutes, I’m off to pick up the six copies of my dissertation that I ordered yesterday, to be followed by a quick run to campus to drop off everything to my committee members.

Yes, it’s ready. After two weeks of fierce editing efforts, I have a defendable dissertation.

And you know, I’m pretty amazed by what I got done in those two weeks. When I gave earlier drafts to my advisor this year (in October and in February), I remember thinking “ooh, maybe she’ll say, ‘Looks good, let’s set a defense date’!” – but looking back now, I think only that I’m thrilled I had the time to revise as much as I did. My dissertation draft from last October is so far away from what I’ve got now.

In the end, it’s a dissertation I’m happy with and proud of. And three weeks from tomorrow, on April 20, at 9 a.m., I’ll defend the heck out of it.


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