Goals and Other Ideas

While it’s not traditional to profess your new year’s resolutions a full month into said new year, I decided it’s never too late to do such a thing. And besides, after a month of thinking about them, they’ve crystallized a bit more and I’ve developed a clearer vision of what I hope to achieve.

I’m not a huge resolution person, but every year I try a couple small things. Last year, I wound up with “monthly resolutions” for the first half of the year. These tended to be about one little thing per month that I could work on – such as adding a serving of fruit to my daily diet, drinking a bottle of water in the morning and one in the afternoon, or flossing.  Some lasted, some didn’t (that water thing, for example, tends to be tricky for me – but liberal doses of tea in the winter help mitigate that problem).

This year, I don’t know whether I’ll keep at the monthly resolutions, but I have one for February.

For 2011 as a whole, my goals are:
1. Run a 5K before the end of June
2. Run a 10K before the end of the year
3. Graduate

This may be a bit overly simplistic, but that means they’re also doable. Maybe “graduate” shouldn’t be on there, since it’s pretty much a given at this point – but why not take the brownie points where you can? Still, the 5K and 10K are real goals: I’m now running 33 minutes at a time, 3 times a week, with a goal of getting myself to 60  minutes of running time before that 5K. Which will be sometime when the weather warms up, because I have my limits.

For February, I’m keeping it even simpler. My mantra for the next four weeks is:

Stress Less.

That may be less simple than it sounds, but it’s my goal. I figure it’s a good one right about now, as I’ll also be getting revisions to the dissertation out the door in the next couple of weeks.  I’m toying with the idea of daily meditation, but haven’t figured out whether that’s for me or not.

Somewhat simple, definitely short: I feel like none of these goals are terribly complex, but all are worthwhile in their own way. This year, I’ll take it all as it comes.

And things will happen.


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