Revisions, revisions, revisions

The stack of books sitting next to me on the end table attests to how I’ve jumped back into intense reading mode in the past week or so. It’s going well: although some of these books are ones I’ve read before, others are new to me. Most have offered excellent thought fodder, making me feel like the effort has been worthwhile.

On the Friday before Thanksgiving, Advisor and I met to discuss Version 2.0 of the dissertation – the completed full draft I’d given her back in early October. This means that I had nearly a two-month break from the dissertation, although in all honesty I spent most of October and November pecking away on little aspects of the dissertation project anyway. The point is, by the time we met, I was ready to go with the next stage.

And things are coming along, which is the most important thing at this moment. There are many minor changes to take up and several more substantial, but nothing too daunting at this point. Then again, at this point in the game, everything seems very psychological. Given how much progress I’ve made on this project since it began, what I have in front of me now seems minor in some ways, but the psychological ability to keep my head in the game is what’s crucial right now.

So December becomes all about revisions. For the moment, I’m focusing on the reading and thinking and note-taking parts of things. I spent Thanksgiving week compiling reading lists and assessing all the comments and notes from the meeting with Advisor, and next I need simply to move forward.

Here I go, one foot in front of the other, one at a time.


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