Life Unexpected

If I’d thought that life might slow down once I delivered the dissertation draft to Advisor, I was a little wrong. In the two-plus weeks since I last wrote here, things have felt busier than ever. It’s job application season, after all, and the academic job market is an adventure in and of itself.

I didn’t mean to disappear, and actually have many things I’ve wanted to blog about, such as hearing Cynthia Enloe speak about women and the war in Iraq (and meeting her and chatting over breakfast). Then there was my brief archival visit last week to look at some of the papers of journalist Sarah McClendon. And, of course, I’ve been keeping busy with job applications.

Like other grad student bloggers, the job search isn’t really something I’m comfortable discussing online in much depth at the moment. Maybe at the other end of this. Application-wise, things are coming together, and mostly I’m moving into the “wait and see” stage. Ideally, I’ll be back on the dissertation revisions in a few weeks, and the busyness of that should help the time pass quickly.

November will also bring plenty of things to do, between a presentation at the National Women’s Studies Association in Denver and my participation at THATCamp Chicago (providing I don’t get selected for jury duty earlier that week and then on a long trial – although I think that’s a long shot).

For now, though, I’m thrilled to be reaching a period of brief respite. This week, I plan to take a break – finally. Once I accomplish my goals for Tuesday (including meetings), and aside from my Friday commitments, Wednesday and Thursday are mine. All mine. And that is an incredible thought.


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