Version 2.0

On Facebook earlier today when I mentioned that I would soon post pictures of the completed dissertation draft, I also said I’m referring to it as Version 2.0. I think this makes a nice distinction from the prior versions – which were, quite simply, six disparate chapters in various stages of disrepair and whatnot. Version 2.0 is NOT the final edition, but it’s evidence that this project – in dissertation form – is nearing its culmination.

I won’t post the pictures here, but Version 2.0 is live – at least, if “live” means “printed, hole-punched, and placed into a lime-green binder, complete with chapter dividers”. I’m even playing with a snazzy new title. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll hand it over to my adviser so that she can give it a read before I proceed with what I hope will be the final major round of revisions.

It’s not perfect, but I consider this a major accomplishment and I’m more than a little thrilled with myself. The dissertation is taking shape – not just in physical form, but in ideas. And sometimes I get a little giddy when I think about how far my thinking has evolved thus far.

Now, a brief break in dissertating for a few weeks while I pursue some other things, like the job search, writing conference presentations, and breathing. But in the meantime, I have to say I got a big kick out of one of my friends, who commented that Dissertation Version 2.0 must include the following. (He wasn’t really too far off base aside from the obscure acronym part.)

Features of Dissertation Version 2.0:

* Compresses audio up to 1.5x faster in Windows and up to 7x faster in Mac OS X
* Introduction by Ernest Hemingway, via séance
* Increased use of obscure acronyms
* Frosted glass enclosure
* Smells like rosemary
* Soundtrack performed by the cast of Glee
* Puppies!


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