Introduction, Conclusion, and Wrap-up, Oh my!

Just a few days left ’til I hand in Dissertation Version 1.0 to Adviser.

Part of me anticipates this shouldn’t be too hard, as I’m spending today through Thursday tackling the introduction (previously drafted, but probably will be overhauled almost entirely) and the conclusion. But then I step back and think, “I’m tackling the introduction,” which can really be a sticking point in a lot of ways. In some ways, the introduction feels like a chance to revise my dissertation prospectus (which later turned into grant proposals). In other ways, I want to start fresh.

So here I am, with four days of writing left (since I want to use Friday to print, organize, and prep the document for Adviser). I’m back at the kitchen table, external hard drive attached to the computer, water bottle to my left, and two stacks of books in front of me for when I start messing with my historiography.

Let’s do this thing.


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