Gazing Into the Crystal Ball

I can tell you what the next five weeks look like. They’re all about revising my dissertation and applying to jobs and looking at primary and secondary sources and just moving ahead fearlessly (er, as fearlessly as possible?). For the next five weeks, I am a well-scheduled graduate student on a carefully-planned routine.

There is a lot of comfort that goes with this, and a nice feeling of control in an academic year where “control” seems to be an elusive thing (what with the job market and everything).

I was pleased to see how well revisions went with Chapters 1 and 2, so I’m heading into this deep revision mode equally optimistic. As ever, I’m armed with notes and spending a lot of time thinking about Things That Are Important (or seem to be).

I promise not to spend too much time on here yammering on about the chapters or the job application process. Instead, I’ll try to find some other interesting things to say. But by October 1, I should be handing the entire dissertation to my advisor for her to peruse over the remainder of the semester.

The ‘crystal ball’ goes a little dark after that. I’m not quite sure what my life will look like when I finish this round of major revisions. There will still be things to do and jobs to seek, but at the moment it’s all a little murky. This might be a good thing: October should offer me a chance to take a minor break after all of this, but I don’t want to think about it too much now.

Instead, onward, upward, and pass the chocolate!


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