Oh Summer, Where Art Thou?

It’s not really the end of summer, but I had Dar Williams’ “End of Summer” running through my head the other day because it is, of course, the end of July. And usually in my world, that means it’s almost the end of summer, because August tends to fill with pre-semester events and obligations and then, of course, the classes start at the end of the month (at least here in my world). With no teaching obligations this fall, things feel a little different, but I am involved with some other things this upcoming semester that will provide structure.

So while it’s not end of summer yet, I’ll keep humming my Dar Williams, which always reminds me of a good college friend (who’s spent her summer literally walking across Spain).

A few years ago, July seemed like the longest month ever. This was way back when I was finishing Year 1 of the graduate school adventure. In those days, summer was just this long blank space of time with no classes (which made me sad) and no contact with most people I knew from school (also sad). I wasn’t yet doing research, so I spent the summer making do with part-time work and a lot of reading. A LOT of reading.

For almost the first time now, this summer has been too short. I suppose that’s what happens when you have many May obligations and a dissertation chapter, followed by three weeks at West Point and a July filled with another dissertation chapter, an intro, an article, reading, and reviewing your research.

And Monday, I start the revisions. I’ll be completely honest here and say I’m a little nervous about this transition. I absolutely adore revisions in general, so it’s not that I’m dreading the process. I think I’m nervous because it means I need to find a new approach to things. I’ve spent so much time writing the raw text – and revising that to something readable – that this new task of revising what I’ve got will just take….something different.

I have no idea what to expect with this process. Revising papers and articles seems different, although it probably isn’t. I’ve just never devoted so much time to fine-tuning things.

I think it’ll be totally exhilarating. At the moment, though, I’m just trying to puzzle out where to begin.

My only solution is to go back to the beginning, at least for now. So, this weekend I’ll pull out Chapter 1, reread it, and reread my own comments and Advisor’s comments, and create ideas and plans. Then we’ll see what happens next.

I’ll let you know when the adrenaline kicks in.


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