HBO’s The Pacific, Episode 9

And then there was one episode left.

I didn’t catch Episode 9, though, until Monday night this week. It’s that time of year, you know – I had a pile of papers to grade this weekend, so Ep.9 had to wait.

According to the previews, everyone who survived the war gets to go home next week. I’m thrilled to see we’ll be getting back to Leckie. I miss him: I think he was the one I liked the most, although following Sledge’s story has had its interesting points.

But let’s be honest. Assuming we’ve reached the end of the combat, I feel like we’re still left with several key questions. First and foremost in my mind is the issue of what we’re meant to take away from all of this. On the one hand, there’s the ‘We have to tell these veterans’ stories and honor their sacrifice!” -which is worthwhile and important in its own right. But what about their experiences are we meant to pay most attention to? What are we supposed to learn from their experiences? Or, are we not supposed to learn anything?

Am I overanalyzing by assuming that there IS supposed to be a lesson here?

And if I’m right – that there’s supposed to be a lesson here – then is it problematic that the lesson is not entirely clear? Again, I think that the whole combination of “war is hell”/”was this a GOOD war?” – has made it difficult to tell the intent. What we have in this miniseries is not a set of heroes’ stories – rather, a confused conglomerate in which it’s not only difficult to discern what’s going on, but often difficult to make sense of the narrative as a whole.

That, I think, is sad. This miniseries could’ve really been something, I think – and yet, it never was.


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